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The Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge Download

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646f9e108c In another world, another time, all the old legends of vampires…of ghosts…of werewolves…and all manner of things that go bump in the night…are real. And as all the old legends make so very clear, humans are the natural enemies of…The Darkstalkers. Now, one man has made it his duty to seek out and destroy those who would threaten and eclipse humanity's future. Bearing a sword that seems almost…alive…he stands ready to fight all those who have dedicated their lives to The Dark. Yet, what of the Darkstalkers? Surely such powerful beings have their own reasons for what they do…and their own plans and ambitions concerning both the human world and…The Demon World.
As a huge fan of the video games, I was ecstatic when I heard there would be an anime based on them. Finally, something to erase the memory of the beyond horrible American cartoon (Darkstalkers). The story, which centers around a vampire hunter named Donovan, very loosely follows the game&#39;s plots. The main characters are Demitri the vampire, Morrigan the succubus, the little girl Anita, Felicia the cat woman, Lei Lei the Chinese ghost, and Gallon the werewolf. The primary antagonist is the alien being Pyron, who has come to earth to destroy all Darkstalkers and rule Earth himself. The thing that separates this series from others like it is the fact that, except for Felicia, Donovan, and Lei Lei, none of the other characters are particularly good. Demitri is as evil as any on-screen vampire, Morrigan cares only for herself, Anita hates everyone, and Gallon is a kind of anti-hero. And yet, Pyron is more dangerous than any of these creatures, planning global conquest and destruction. Normal humans in this series have a bleak outlook, since Pyron will destroy them, and Demitri subjigates them to his will (he&#39;s hidden the sun away with thick clouds for over a century). The music is decent, with lots of variety. Where this series really shines is the visuals. The animation of the first two episodes is spectacular, rivaling most theatrical anime. The second two episodes don&#39;t look quite as good, but they still look nice. The way that all of the character&#39;s moves from the games is nice, too. The fight scene with Morrigan and Demitri has a very Masami Obari (director of Fatal Fury)feel to it, and they do just about all of their trademark moves. The voice acting is excellent, as well. Rei Sakuma gives Morrigan a very lustful, throaty voice, while Yukana Nogami&#39;s Felicia is stunningly cute sounding. And Akio Otsuka&#39;s deep, powerful voice commands respect, and is perfect for Demitri, and Akiko Yajima delivers her lines with vacant perfection, capturing the emotionless girl Anita flawlessly.<br/><br/>Overall, the first two episodes are better than the last two, but the series as a whole is great, and definitely a step above the typical game-based anime, ranking up there with the Fatal Fury anime and the Street Fighter II movie (Japanese version only). If you like the Darkstalkers games, buy this anime. The DVD has loads of cool extras, so buy that version if you can.
Demitri the vampire has fought against the great ruler BELIAL who crushed him in a deadly fight in which he lost! A few hundred years later he would arise before all humans could prevent his coming in which he seeks to reign upon the Aensland clan who is now ruled by Belial&#39;s daughter Morrigan. Meanwhile a Damphiro half demon half human seeks to find the trail that will lead him to the murderer of humans! And later is joined by the bewitched child Anita, who seeks a reason why a demon would meddle with human affairs. And the all mighty Pyron who seeks someone to fight with that is capable of giving him the greatest rush of his life!<br/><br/>Join the stalkers as they try to crush and murder each other for their survival in an epic battle of the titans.

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